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The first manufacturer of hot-melt adhesive in Iran



OKAM Company is always trying to keep its price at the lowest possible price while maintaining excellent quality and satisfy customers' need to import because of the lower price. Prevent<br />


There is a set of principles for each and every business that, if they are to grow and grow, will make the business prosper and thrive. Show


OKAM Company in order to protect the interests of consumers has put the optimum quality with the use of its own well-equipped laboratory, making this adhesive to be recognized as a reliable adhesive.
Hot-melt ahdheive
Melt Heat Adhesives are one of the most widely used adhesives in the industry today in the market. Polymer based melt adhesives are converted to liquid at different temperatures by the use of ethylene vinyl acetate adhesive. In the wood, paper, packaging, etc. industry
AVA adhesives have many formulas for production, and each formula has a particular use. The viscosity of these adhesives is between 500 and 100,000 cpps


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